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The Little Things In Life By John Martinson


The Blind Shooters



The Combo Hunt



Unexpected Visitor



Dick Fisher's Stories (He has a lot of them because he doesn't stop trying new things)



An Adaptive Sportsman in Quebec



Guillotined Turkey, a Walter Joost story



My First Turkey by Charlie Ande



Les Werner's Turkey 06



Mike Little's Buck



50-50 by Garth Harris



Gun Deer Hunt in Willard, Oct 2003














Keith Pamperin writes about his hunt at Steve Noyans Wheelchair Whitetails


Cal Popp shows off a six-point white-tailed deer he harvested during the annual bow hunt sponsored by Adaptive Sportsmen, Inc. in Sauk County



Wisconsin Sportsmen's Digest - Wheel'em Inn and get'em out hunting



Dick Fisher’s Interview with the Eau Claire Ledger-Times 1/04



My Fall Hunts 2005 by Duane Johnson



A Buck for A Hero



3-D Archery Tournament in Union Grove, 2004



Sports Show March 2004, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel



Case Archer’s article in the Racine Journal-Times 2/04





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