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Include Adaptive Sportsmen in Your Will
-Estate planning is never a real popular topic to talk about, but it is better to plan now than leave your heirs wondering what you wanted to do. You can also take the time to sort out what you want to leave as a legacy. Adaptive Sportsmen is hoping that you will consider us when you start your planning.
- Donation of hunting equipment and adaptive equipment. We can get your good used equipment to a needy ASI member or sell it and use the proceeds for our events. Used vans, wheelchairs, crossbows, and guns are popular items to donate.
- Dedicate any amount of money or property for a specific purpose We will keep that money separate and use it as you wish. From $2 to $200,000, any amount is good. We can memorialize your donation or let it remain as an anonymous donation.
- Donate in the form of a charitable trust. We can act as the trustee for your charitable trust if you want to transfer larger donations or real estate while retaining control of the asset during your lifetime.Please check back for information on our next fund raiser
For information on future fund raising events including ATV Raffles, Gander Mountain Gift Card Raffle, Gun Raffles, and Pig Roasts.
contact: or Mary Mitchell (414) 916-2298
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